Novell’s Objections to SCO’s Supplemental Jury Instructions–What Was SCOsource Licensing?

“Here are Novell’s Objections to SCO’s Supplemental Jury
Instructions, as text, thanks the now-quite-weary Steve Martin.
There were so many little details to get just right in this
document. As instructed by Judge Dale Kimball, Novell followed this
format: first, for each of SCO’s proposed instructions, Novell
reproduced it in full, underlining the portions it objected to,
then adding annotations explaining the objections, and, where
applicable, offering an alternative instruction.

“SCO wants to keep as much of the money it took in from licenses
since it began its anti-Linux campaign as it can, and it framed its
jury instructions to try to achieve that goal, but unfortunately
for SCO, Judge Dale Kimball has now told them as of Friday that
there will be no jury and that he isn’t going to entertain any
rehash of matters he’s already ruled on on August 10, which wipes
away a lot of what SCO was striving for, and one must assume
they’ll follow his directive to save all that for the