NT remote administration – what’s it worth?

By Jeff Garvas

> Come on. Remote system admininstration on NT is
> really not that hard.

How do I connect to a NT box and list files interactively?
(note: not via “sharing”)

How do I reboot a NT box interactively in its native format?

How do I remotely log into a NT box and list the processes and
tasks it is attempting to accomplish and selectively terminate

How can I login to a NT box far far away and watch the trailing
output of a log file?

There are a million other things I’d love to ask, but of all
these things I’m sure your answer will require I access the box
from another windows box. I’ll be you’ll say “Oh, you have to be
running Windows or NT”. Or maybe you’ll say “you also have to be in
the same domain”, or maybe you’ll say “You have to be logged in
locally to a windows box as the user you want to do these things as

Thats remote administration? Please get real.

> I agree that Microsoft products are not
> perfect, but I don’t see the point of making
> up problems just to knock the company.

Microsoft NT remote administration is a significant joke. I dare
you to suggest how I could possibly do anything on an NT box
remotely that I can do on a Linux (or any) Unix box.

Since when can you login to a NT box multiple times as different
users and run jobs/programs/applications that consume remote CPU
and memory while displaying remotely onto a machine which doesn’t
have to be running Windows? Up until WinCenter Pro (and now
Terminal Server) you couldn’t do that! So if you want to upgrade
your WinCenter Pro NT 3.51 (yeck) box to NT 4.0 “Terminal Server”
you get to pay TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for the server. Sounds fair?
Now you get to pay $300 per display. This version of the product
does not come with any lubrication and is guaranteed to burn you

> As a consultant, part of our job is to keep an
> unbiased view of the various solutions which
> are available to us.

Unbiased and educated decisions are completely different. My
statements about Microsoft in any serious comparison between
Microsoft products and Linux/(any other Unix) are soley based on
technical and/or financial merit. My personal opinion of Bill Gates
doesn’t bias my decisions or statements EVER. Microsoft could blow
up and Bill Gates would live a happy man for the rest of his life
and possibly the lives of three additional generations with his

> I don’t think its a good idea to pound on
> Microsoft just because you don’t believe in
> their marketing methods or because you dislike
> Bill Gates or whatever.

See above.

> That’s as dumb as people voiding Linux just
> becuase there’s nobody to blame if something
> breaks.

You want the PERFECT resposne to this blame issue? Tell the
person presenting you with this issue to pretend they have a
SERIOUS issue with Windows. Make up a serious “issue” thats
believable and maybe even fixable. (or go another step further and
make on that isn’t) – Tell that individual to contact Microsoft and
solve it. We all know whats going to happen, you’re going to run
into road blocks and financial expenses. Your problem won’t be
solved and you’ll be blaming Bill Gates or the company itself.
Thats all you can do, blame him. If blame is the issue then if you
have any problems with any applications which run in Linux you tell
the individuals they can blame and hate the authors of the specific
failing component, just like they’d hate Bill Gates. The difference
is you’re more likely to get a friendly response (and personalized
email) from the author of the component giving you a head ache with

> Linux is a good OS, and can stand on its own
> without BLIND fanaticism. We don’t do anybody
> any favors by being so obviously biased against
> Microsoft.

Yes, we do.

If people sit back and accept the fact that Microsoft has such a
significant impact on the computer world (read: I’m not saying
they’re a monopoly) people will ACCEPT Microsoft for who they

However, if we express our disgust with products written by a
corporation who uses dirty business tactics to force people behind
the scenes to do things that would not neccesarily be in the best
interests of the consumers then we’ll gain worldwide recognition
that people in our industry are fed up with the practices of this

I’ve seen so much pro-linux media attention in the past 3 months
that I’m estatic. Do I want to see Microsoft go away? Not really. I
figure if Microsoft had half a clue they’d gobble up the Linux
source code and incorporate Linux+Windows into a package and give
it some stupid name.

We would do the same thing if their source was released. Just
look at the many people who tackled Netscape source and created
their own “distributions”.

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