NVIDIA GeForce 8 + 100.14.19 Redux

[ Thanks to Nobody for this link.

“This past week was marked by the release of the NVIDIA
100.14.19 display driver for Linux and Solaris, which was the first
alternative OS driver release from this Santa Clara company in
about three months. The public change-log is quite lengthy and
finally delivered on fixing the GeForce 8 performance regression.
In our GeForce 8800GTS Linux tests, the performance fix was very
evident. However, now that we have had the time to run more
extensive tests with the GeForce 8 series and this new driver, we
have found not everything to be smooth sailing.

“We’ll be following up with additional details in future
articles and in the Phoronix Forums but we just wanted to pass
along that we have indeed run into a couple new issues with the
100.14.19 Linux driver…”

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