NY Times: The Rebel Code, available at PLCOM’s website

Several people complained about the registration required to
access the Rebel Code story on the
NY Times webserver. Richard Lamothe, of PLCOM has
written in saying that they are making the same article available
on their website, without requiring a registration.

“One recent rainy afternoon at the home of Marcus Meissner in
Erlangen, Germany, Meissner’s computer froze.”

“Meissner sent out an e-mail. Moments later in Budapest, a
26-year-old called Mingo — it is the habit of the wizards who tend
to Linux to refer to one another by only their e-mail avatars —
posted a fix. Gabriel, a radio astronomer in southern Spain,
countered the next day with a different version. Then Petkan, a
system administrator at a Bulgarian newspaper, weighed in with a
new approach. The point was not simply to mend the program, but
also to find the most elegant way of doing so. Of course everyone
knew that Torvalds, the California-based spider at the center of
this self-spinning web, would have the final say.”

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