NY Times: The Web Without Microsoft

Occasionally a new product can be annoying and delightful
at the same time. Rarely, however, does a delightful product become
annoying without any help whatsoever from the Microsoft
Corporation, the notorious monopolist.

“Such is the i-Opener Internet Personal Access Device, or IPAD,
one of the first of a new class of Internet appliances from a new
company called NetPliance Inc. Despite the depiction of Microsoft’s
practices outlined by the Justice Department and Judge Thomas
Penfield Jackson last week, NetPliance has managed somehow to
create a very interesting home computer that handles e-mail, Web
browsing and other simple tasks and yet does not use Windows,
Internet Explorer or any other Microsoft code. It uses a version of
the Linux operating system.”

“The i-Opener is scheduled to go on sale nationwide next week
for $199, plus $21.95 a month for Internet service.”

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