Official Invitation for the LinuxWorld Greenhouse at LinuxWorld

From [email protected] Fri Dec 18 09:59:36 1998
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:37:21 -0800
From: LinuxWorld Greenhouse 
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Subject: Official Invitation for the LinuxWorld Greenhouse at LinuxWorld


*** LINUXWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO March 2 - 4, 1999



Dear Linux Technology Developers,

You are invited to participate in the LinuxWorld Greenhouse at the
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Jose, California. LinuxWorld is
the premier exposition targeted at the Linux community and will
attract thousands of qualified attendees.

The LinuxWorld Greenhouse is a customized event area designed to
highlight emerging developers of the Linux community and will provide
affordable display space and access for smaller companies.
Participation in the Greenhouse is aimed at small companies (up to
ten employees) which are on technology's cutting edge. (More details

Born out of IDG's history with pavilions at a number of shows, the
LinuxWorld Greenhouse will be similar to hugely successful pavilions
such as Developer Central at Macworld Expo. This is LinuxWorld's
solution for the small, up and coming exhibitor who cannot yet
justify or afford a full booth presence on the show floor. Please
note that your deadline to RSVP to this invitation is:

      *** Friday, January 14, 1999 ***

We're excited about the LinuxWorld Greenhouse -- as we are about
LinuxWorld in general and we look forward to having you be a part of
the show.

Best regards,

Greenhouse Management Team
[email protected]
Phone: 805-494-9797, option 5
Fax: 805-494-9798



* Location: The Greenhouse will cover several thousand square feet of
exhibit space in the modern San Jose Convention Center.
* Show Dates: LinuxWorld is March 2 - 4, 1999 at the San Jose
Convention Center, San Jose, CA

* Expo Hours     Tuesday, March 2:    10 am - 6 pm
                 Wednesday, March 3:  10 am - 6 pm
                 Thursday, March 4:   10 am - 4 pm

* Station Cost: One station is US $1,995. Payments may be made via
credit card (preferable), check (payable to "Xplain Corporation") or
via wire transfer (contact us for details). The option to purchase
multiple stations is available -- contact us for more information.

* Station Package: Each station will include 1 meter of counter space
(the standard show property), one stool, station header with company
or product name, standard electricity, carpet, overall show security,
a company listing in the show guide, and up to 4 exhibitor badges. A
single station is intended for 1 or 2 people to use and will have
space and electricity for one computer system. You will be
responsible for your own equipment, it's operability, and it's

* IP Address: An Internet connection for your station will be
available and pricing is not included in the station cost -- the cost
is US $195 for each IP Address.

* Contact Info: For better communication, please use the following
addresses to get in touch with us. By doing so, you'll help us to
serve your LinuxWorld Greenhouse needs more quickly.

          [email protected]
          Phone: 805-494-9797, option 5
          Fax: 805-494-9798

* Web Site: Companies participating in the LinuxWorld Greenhouse will
be listed as an exhibitor on the LinuxWorld web site at
http://www.linuxworldexpo.com -- and the booth number will be the
general booth number for the LinuxWorld Greenhouse.

* Priority numbers:  By participating in the LinuxWorld Greenhouse,
you will be able to receive a LinuxWorld priority number.  These
numbers are used in booth selection so that longer running vendors
get first choice at booth locations.

* Sponsorships: There will be opportunities available for sponsor banners
hanging over LinuxWorld Greenhouse.  These are available to any
exhibitor -- you don't need to partake in the pavilion to be a
sponsor of it.  Contact us for more information.

At this time, you should send a reply which indicates your interest
in participating in the LinuxWorld Greenhouse. This is not a formal
commitment, but please only respond if you are seriously interested.
Once you've reserved a station, we'll generate and fax you an invoice
and participant agreement for you to sign and return. No space is
guaranteed until we receive your payment, with the signed agreement
and have approved your participation.

There may not be enough stations for all who have shown interest. All
stations are on a first-come, first-served basis and their allocation
and placement, and participation are at the sole and absolute
discretion of show management.

As a participant of the LinuxWorld Greenhouse Pavilion you qualify
for consideration for the prestigious IDG/LinuxWorld Awards. Winners
will be selected by a panel of industry leaders. Award announcements
will be made at a [TBA] function. Additional information will be
available in the near future.


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