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[ Q&A with Trae McCombs, of Linux.com and Themes.org –
LT ed. ]
OLinux: How was themes .org
created? Who was the group and what were the ideas that guided
themes.org start? How do you explain the fast growth of themes.org?
Show us some brief facts/work/people that contributed to this
extreme progress? When and why did you leave it?

Trae McCombs: Well, I started _THEMES.ORG_
(heh, make noted Mr. Editor 🙂 sometime in 97, and it basically
grew, with the help of tons of volunteers, to be this huge beast it
is today. I guess you can say I was the Grandfather of themes for
Linux, because up till I started releasing my themes, most were
just giving out thier .steprc (Most used AfterStep back then), and
not giving out the whole thing. Thats when I started x.unicom.net
and it grew pretty big so I got themes.org domain and we just
blossomed from there.”

OLinux: What are your responsibilities at
Linux.com? Do you have any other jobs? How did you become

Trae McCombs: Well, My job is to make sure that
things flow at Linux.com. I was hired I guess because I could work
with Volunteers from the community, and with the small budget we
had in the beginning, its a good thing. The main reason I was hired
is because of the successful job I had with Themes.org.”