On a tour of YALI

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“YALI, Yet Another Linux Installer, is the installation
program of Pardus, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution with roots
in the National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology
(UEKAE), Turkey. The next stable release of Pardus will be Pardus
2011. According to the release announcement of Pardus 2011 beta,
which was released a couple of days ago, YALI will ship with a
redesigned interface and a bunch of advanced features not available
in previous editions.

“In this article, I will take us, screenshot by screenshot, on a
tour of the new YALI. It should be a fun tour. YALI is loaded. I
think you will agree. Note: I was able to install Pardus 2011 beta
without a hitch, and I am yet to encounter any issues with it.

“This screenshot shows the file system types options on YALI.
The mdmember and lvmpv options shows its support for LVM, the Linux
Logical Volume Manager and RAID. LVM and RAID are new to YALI and
Pardus. By adding these two features, I think Pardus will begin to
attract a new class of users.”