On Ensemble and LALUGs release concert CD burning system

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for this link. ]

A new, free-software and recycled computer system
allows audiences to take home a live recording of the performance
they just saw.

Contemporary taiko group, On Ensemble, teamed up with members of
Los Angeles Linux Users Groups to develop “Burn Your Own”, a
ground-breaking system for concert music sharing. CD-burning
stations set up in the venue lobby allow audience members to easily
and quickly burn a free, professionally-recorded copy of the
performance. The system will be debuted at Cerritos Center for the
Performing Arts on Saturday, March 12 at On Ensemble’s “Taiko 2.0”
concert presentation.

Taiko 2.0

Taiko 2.0 is a full-length concert presentation featuring On
Ensemble’s newest original music. On Ensemble’s diverse
instrumentation (OnEnsemble.org) is further expanded with the
inclusion of five guest artists from around the world. The concert
is being advertised as a “Burn Your Own” event, where audience
members are encouraged to bring their own blank CD. Extra, free
discs will also be available.

Music Sharing

The Burn Your Own system is part of On Ensemble’s larger vision
of music collaboration and sharing. The Los Angeles-based quartet
releases its music under Creative Commons licenses that allow legal
copying. The Burn Your Own system enables concert attendees to take
the concert’s live recording home and to share tracks freely with
friends and other fans. As On Ensemble member and project
coordinator, Kris Bergstrom says, “We hope the Burn Your Own system
is fun for our audiences… and a way we can show our appreciation
to our friends and fans for coming out to see live music and for
supporting On Ensemble.”

Environmentally-Friendly System

All of the equipment utilized in the debut of the Burn Your Own
system is 100% recycled. 15~20 burning stations will be in service
at Cerritos, built entirely from recycled and scavenged parts,
saving dozens of computers from the land-fill.

Free/Open-Source Software

The CD-burning consoles utilize the Debian GNU/Linux operating
system and a GPLv3 CD-burning script called “autoburn”, along with
standard GNU/Linux utilities like rsync and ssh. The 100% Free
Software stack enables others to adopt and build upon the system,
and “hopefully”, says Kris Bergstrom, “other bands can use the
system too. We have benefited greatly from the contributions of
free-software developers. I hope the Burn Your Own system is a
useful contribution to the Free Culture movement.”

On Ensemble plans to release a howto and the autoburn script at
its website, OnEnsemble.org .