On Linux, Software Patents, Shakespeare & the Web

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“My first love wasn’t poetry but computers. My first
substantial work was not a poem, fable or story, but a piece of
software written on the Apple IIe. Presently, my primary OS is
Ubuntu and I keep partitions free just so I can ‘distro hop’. The
term, if you’re not familiar with it, means trying out one
distrobution of Linux or BSD (or any operating system) only to
remove it as soon as you’ve got it working. Every so often, I use
Windows. Windows is like a dependable pony. For the most part, you
can trust Windows to keep a steady pace, but that gets dull after a
while. I yearn for the unpredictable stallion, the temperamental,
wild and maybe ungrateful horse that would just as soon kick you
out of the barn; but that’s the horse that runs like lightning.

“The beauty of Linux, if you’re not familiar with it, is the
vast and varied community developing both the operating system and
the software that runs on it. There are hundreds, perhaps over a
thousand, different Linux distributions. At the core of every Linux
distro is the Linux Kernel. The Linux kernel could be compared to
an engine. That one engine is the same in every car, but every car
that’s built around it is different, specialized and custom.”

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