On text editor bigotry

[ Thanks to Chris Allegretta for this
link. ]

“I have to say that as a Free Software developer, one
thing I find very disappointing is people being needlessly hostile
to a project of mine, and using incorrect reasoning to substantiate
it. Nine traits of the veteran Unix admin is one of those gems.

“Let me first say that I actually like vi[m] quite a bit. I’d
even agree with people who say you can’t be a true Unix admin
without knowing vi. Note I said knowing, not using for every task.
On any Unix machine made before the turn of the century, you’re
going to want to know vi to get around. Emacs I never got around to
using; many of my coworkers swear by it. It looks like a fine
program. I feel no need to needlessly hate on it just because I
wrote a competing program”

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