Open Document Foundation Closes Up Shop

“Over the last several weeks, the Open Document Foundation has
taken back its support for the Open Document Format, and has
confused many of its friends. It has now closed up shop.

“The recent decision by the Open Document Foundation to
substitute the W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium’s) CDF (Compound
Document Format) for its name-sake ODF (Open Document Format) had
left friends, users, and the W3C itself completely puzzled as to
what the Foundation was up to.

“Over the weekend, the Open Document Foundation Web site was
shut down except for a single page. On that page, the organization
said farewell with the message: ‘The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
is closed. We sincerely wish our friends and associates in the
OpenDocument Community all the best and much success going forward.
Good-bye and good luck…'”