Open Invitation to Linux Hardware and Software Vendors

Thanks to Jeff
for this announcement.

This coming Tuesday night, August 3rd 1999, is Part II of
The Linux® Show!! special series of broadcasts
leading up to the LinuxWorld Expo. This series is titled the
“Linux Community PR Free for All”, where The
Linux® Show!! is turning over airtime to LUGs and vendors
alike, and let them promote their efforts at the LinuxWorld Expo.
Vendors are encouraged to contact The Linux® Show!! in advance,
via email to thelinuxshow.com.

The show will be broadcast Tuesday August 3rd 1999 at 6pm PST,
7pm RMT, 8pm CST, 9pm EST and 1am GMT. Participants can fell free
to call in on the toll free lines at 888-591-tech. The show is
broadcast over the TTalk network www.ttalk.com