Open Letter to Linux(r) Vendors Lets Party

Thanks to Jeff Gerhardt
for this announcement.

For those of you that do not know, “The Linux(r)
will be partnering with “The Linux
on a week long broadcast from the LinuxWorld Expo
in San Jose this August 10th-12th. As far as we at The Linux(r)
Show!! are concerned, this is an excuse for a party.

A lot of you in the LUG community came to our LUG party at
Comdex, were we hosted many at the ultimate battletech tournament.
It was very merry indeed. A bunch of the Linux Vendors were also in
attendance and told me (you know who you are)if we came to
LinuxWorld in August, they would “contribute and help plan” another
LUG party.

OK so I am trying to find out if it was just the beer talking or
if you vendor folks on the coast really want to party.

We (The Linux(r) Show!!) paid the bill for the whole party in
Chicago, so this time I am ringing the bell for some contributions
from the coast. OK folks, now is the time to step up to the bar and
buy a round (and some food) for the faithful LUGGERS. As I live in
Chicago, I also need a few locals to volunteer to help me plan this

Make your pledges dudes! Fork over some cash for Beer.