Open Source Datamining for Social Media Accounts with ThinkUp

“Proprietary social networking platforms have a few distinct
issues for free software users, but one of the biggest is that it
is often hard — if not impossible — to extract your
information from them. With Twitter, for example, you can scroll
down to the bottom of the page and wait for more tweets to load via
JavaScript, but you can’t sort and analyze them yourself. But
that’s exactly what the open source application ThinkUp does for

“The code for ThinkUp was recently declared 1.0, and is stable
for multi-user setups with multiple services.

“Using the official APIs of various social media services,
ThinkUp lets you import all of your own posts, and drill down
through the relevant information about them — which proved
popular with other users, what topics are the hottest, and so on.
No hacking or terms-of-service violation is required. Plus, since
it’s open source, you can find a number of plugins to extend the
service to new platforms. ThinkUp is licensed under the GPLv3, and
is written in PHP with a MySQL database back-end. All you need to
get started is a standard LAMP server.”

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