Open Source Initiative Announces Results of 2008 Board Election

“Mr. Mathur served his one-year initial term and decided to not
stand for reconfirmation. Mr. Asay retired from the board after two
years of service. Ms. Sharma and Ms. Nwakanma both served their
one-year initial terms and were reconfirmed to complete a full
three-year term. Mr. Coar, Mr. Nelson, and Ms. Cooper were
re-elected to each serve an additional three year term.

“To fill the two vacancies left by Mr. Asay and Mr. Mathur, the
OSI Board nominated two potential candidates for election to the
board, Martin Michlmayr and Harshad Gune. Bruce Perens launched a
public write-in campaign to join the OSI Board, and he was
therefore nominated by Mr. Ghosh as a potential candidate for
election to the board, seconded by Mr. Coar, and the motion