Open Source Is Powering Pretty Much Everything

“What are the challenges in open source adoption at developers’
and/or implementers’ level, and how can these challenges be

“There are a lot of challenges and this topic is worth an
article itself, so I’m going limit myself to one challenge which I
think is quite important. Lack of professionalism in open source
projects is a serious issue. As a business owner, I want to use
tools which are supported, of high quality and that won’t disappear
in the next three years. There has been an overdose of projects
focusing too much on “cool” features, refactoring and crazy
releases schema, rather than making sure that people could actually
use it. Open source projects are either written for fun or they are
meant to be useful. If as a project developer, you belong to the
latter category, then you have to ensure that as a businessman, I
can trust it and you. And documentation is another aspect that
needs attention.”