Open Source Locomotive: Web Application Server for high-volume systems

Thanks to Chris
for this link.

The Locomotive Project just launched a new site devoted to
supporting an open source java-based web application server. With
commercial web application servers costing $60,000 and up, we think
the time is right to tip the scales. Now software which enables
developers to rapidly build, deploy and maintain high volume
database-driven web sites is available to everyone in the Internet

The Locomotive Project site is ready for action!

We’ve cranked out content, integrated revision control, and set
up guidelines so this project can fly. Check it out at http://www.locomotive.org. Now that
the support structure for the website is complete, the public
(that’syou!) can easily use, contribute, offer feedback, join a
forum, ask questions, or read documentation about this rippin’ open
source web application server. Let’s put the Locomotive to

Lowdown on the Locomotive

The Locomotive is a Java-based Web Application Server that
enables developers to quickly and easily build, deploy and manage
sophisticated database-driven applications that generate dynamic
content. The Locomotive supports the Servlet API, provides dynamic
load balancing and failover capabilities, and utilizes a simple
template language, STEAM. It’s built with Java, supports many
databases (including Oracle, Informix, and mySQL), integrates with
Apache, Netscape, and IIS web servers, and of course, runs on

Originally built by Leverage Information Systems, the Locomotive
is a mature, industry proven product; today Locomotive-based web
sites handle millions of hits each day, providing interactive
experiences at sites such as Provident’s health insurance site at
and the award winning entertainment site for girls, Purple Moon