Open Source Movement as Terrorism?

The Objective Observer: Penguin Suicide Bombers

“Because it is widely understood that for anything to have any
real meaning or be properly studied that it must first be stripped
of its outward trappings and pigeon-holed as narrowly as possible,
I, The Objective Observer, have risen to the challenge and will now
properly classify the open source movement. In three scintillating
acts I will first describe what open source is, dispel certain
myths and pejorative characterizations of it (what open source
isn’t) and finally analyze the open source movement’s goals and
tactics to properly and succinctly explain its true nature…”


Montana Linux: Just a Few Clarifications

“The Objective Observer wrote an article entitled, “Penguin
Suicide Bombers: The Terrorism of Open Source”. The article is
quite inflammatory although along the way the author tries to
justify his handle. In any event, I thought it important to give
the author the benefit of the doubt and to try my best to set the
record straight… or my version of it anyway… in as positive a
way as possible. What follows are the two, somewhat quick emails
(please forgive any typos) I sent in response to the article… oh,
and I’ll be happy to include any responses I get back from him if