Open Standards, Open Format–Key to the Future

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“The beginning of the last century witnessed the emergence of a
semi-clad Indian, referred to as ‘half naked Fakir’ by Winston
Churchill. His philosophy was, ‘means are more important than the
end: it is only with the right means that the desired end will
follow.’ To the charge that ‘means are after all means’, he would
say, ‘means are, after all, everything.’ His name, Mohandas
Karamchandra Gandhi–known to the World as Mahatma Gandhi, father
of the Indian nation.

“Gandhi’s philosophy is still relevant, in all walks of life. In
the context of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT),
the end is–dissemination and communication of information: the
means are–how to achieve it; how to implement it; what kinds
standards to employ; what kinds of formats to adopt; what kind of
software to use?. Guidelines for implementing open formats are also

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