OpenConsortium: On the Art (?) of Disinformation: Telling the Big Lie

“This blog entry is a rarity for me: an exegesis on the
deliberate disinformation spread by a single vendor. I generally
avoid a piece like this for two reasons: first, every vendor has
its own PR agenda, with the differences being a matter of degree
between the egregious and the merely disingenuous. More
importantly, there is a risk iwhen focusing on a single vendor of
decreasing one’s reputation for objectivity, despite the fact that
one may certainly focus on the statements of a single source and
fairly find them to be both inaccurate and cynical.

“What persuaded me to take up the cudgels in this case was a
quote I read earlier this week in eWeek, and then spotted again Bob
Sutor’s blog today…”

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