OpenEnterpriseTrends: Will Apache 3.0 Sport Asynchronous I/O?

[ Thanks to Robert
for this link. ]

“With Apache 2.0 four months past its stable release, developers
are beginning to brainstorm the next steps for Apache–including
drafting up a ‘wish list’ for Apache 3.0 features, and mapping out
a timeline for the release of upgraded features.

“As Apache Software Foundation Chairman Roy Fielding told Open
Enterprise Trends, ‘I’m sure there are lots of things that
individuals are working on. [But] none of us will come out and say,
‘Well, this is going to be in Apache 3.0.”

“Fielding, even as he insists it’s a bit too early for a full
Apache 3.0 feature list, is beginning to agree with other ASF
contributors on the merits of adding at least one new feature to
Apache–support for asynchronous I/O…”


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