OpenProj Review: An OSS Alternative to Microsoft Project

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“It’s great to see a Microsoft Project alternative built with
the open source user in mind. In a bit of haste, I downloaded and
installed the app to see what it had to offer. What I found was a
mixed bag of tricks and treats, no Halloween reference meant to be

“Being a Deb or RPM package kind of a guy myself, I really do
not care much for building my own software installs, not that I do
not love tracking down dependencies and all. Thankfully, the
company sponsoring this project provided tarball which contained a
ready to go Java application. They even went so far as to provide a
simple bash script that I can execute for even more time saving
goodness. Nice, very helpful for those Linux users who simply want
it to work right the first time…”


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