Oracle Further Describes Linux Kernel Strategy

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“Fall is in the air in New England and I am still
sifting through the thousands of product announcements from Oracle
OpenWorld 2010 (held in September). One of the questions I keep
being asked by solution providers is “What does this new Oracle
Linux Kernel mean to me?” Knowing how astute the VAR Guy’s readers
are, I jumped at the chance to share my thoughts on this exciting

“A colleague of mine wrote a great post on the press coverage
surrounding how the introduction of Oracle’s Unbreakable Enterprise
Kernel for Linux that he termed a “Blog-o-Frenzy.” It’s great to
see the community so passionate about open source technology! The
primary discussion points in the press seem to center around scary
words like “proprietary” or “lock-in.” Since when does open-source
equal lock-in? Isn’t the whole point that if the community does not
like what one company, group or individual is doing, they are free
to go in an entirely different direction?”

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