O’Reilly Network: aboutSQL: UPDATE that Data!

“Just as with the previous SELECT and INSERT SQL statements, the
UPDATE statement is in the rough format of an English sentence:

UPDATE table_name SET column_name = value

So, to go back to the MusicCollection table we’ve been using
throughout the column, I think we need to change the Artist field
of the third album from Bruce Hornsby to “Bruce Hornsby and the
Range” to be more accurate. … We can try to use the UPDATE
statement to make our change (remembering that text values are
always enclosed in single quotes in SQL).

UPDATE MusicCollection SET Artist ='Bruce Hornsby and the Range';

“The WHERE clause is used to modify a SQL statement by limiting
the operations to a filtered subset of the database. … I’d
suggest using a SELECT * statement with the same WHERE clause,
which gives you a quick view of the records that will be affected
before you do anything rash.
Some database administrators go
as far as to password-restrict this SQL statement to only certain
users to prevent damage to the database.”


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