OSNews: A LindowsOS Review

“As a result of a disfavor I have for Microsoft, switching to
the last week’s free copy of LindowsOS was a viable choice for me
(while in the past I have used Slackware, Mandrake, FreeBSD etc).
Therefore I downloaded and burned LindowsOS 4.5 Developer Edition
to CD.

“I will keep this section short, because the install itself was
short. Lindows has made an install that is so easy and
straightforward that a penguin could probably pull it off. Only a
couple of questions were required, such as where you would like
Lindows installed and what do you want your password to be. After
that it was voila time and in less than 10 minutes I had a brand
new operating system.

“While some will say that they dislike the naming practices used
by Lindows, I strongly enjoyed them. It is practical to anyone
coming from the dull naming found in windows, therefore it will not
be an uncomfortable experience. Also, the fine folks at Lindows
still gave credit where credit was due and that is what makes them
even more respectable in my book. I am a religious studies major,
the ethics of a company concern me. Therefore whenever a large
company takes credit for a smaller company or individuals work I am
disgusted. Lindows is a very respectable company that I am hoping
more people will start using based on them being more ethically
sound than certain competitors…”


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