OSNews: Arch Linux Vs Slackware: The Best of All Worlds

To paraphrase one of the best ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’
episodes, ‘Best of Both Worlds,’ both Arch Linux and Slackware
represent the best of all the OS worlds: the power of traditional
Unix, the elegance of BSD and the ease of mind of Mac OS X. This is
an article outlining the differences between–what I believe–are
the two best Linux distros around today. Mind you though, ‘best’
doesn’t always mean ‘easy.’

“Both distros feature text-based installation that are quite
equivalent in terms of features and ease of use. However, I will
give Slackware a slight preference here because of all the
networking/package installation that’s done by the installer, while
Arch requires the user to use a text editor to edit the
/etc/rc.conf to its liking, as this requires some extra