OSNews: DeLi Linux 0.6 Review

“Some weeks ago, I heard of a new german distribution of Linux
especially for older hardware, which is called ‘DeLi Linux’. I own
an rather old Notebook with a Pentium 90, so I ordered a CD of DeLi
for use on my old Notebook. After some days, I hold the CD in my

“First, I inserted the CD into my Winblows box to create the two
necessary boot disks, since my Notebook isn’t able to directly boot
from a cd. This wasn’t a problem at all, because there are many
different kinds of boot disks to choose from. Of course, there is
also the popular Rawrite to create boot floppys from images under
Dos/Windows. I chose the standard IDE boot disk, which should be
the right choice for most systems…”


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