OSNews: Review: Xandros Deluxe 2.0

“This is NOT the fastest Linux distro off the blocks, it does
take a considerable time to start up and initially I thought that
it might have even crashed–animated logos are a good way to
pretend things are running fine but they don’t always reflect on
the true nature of the system status. After a little while (40-60
seconds tops) the login screen appears, this is a very simple
affair and for all it’s non-offensiveness I still seem to find it
ugly–I’m not really sure why though. Logging in brought up a new
user wizard which allowed configuration of a few basic options such
as time and date, language etc.

“The standard desktop looks good, as can be seen in the
screenshot of the welcome wizard, but I like to customise my system
and this was pretty much the first thing I did. Two things I don’t
like about the interface are the standard icons and the excessive
gap between text on menus and the actual edge of the menu–I am
aware this is a KDE issue but it would have been nice if they could
have found a fix for it. I’m a Gnome user normally as I tend to
find it more polished and professional than KDE…”


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