osOpinion: A Penguin Bull: Corrections and Admonitions

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“While I was surprised and taken aback by the rich amount of
discussion I received in return to my last column, I wanted to make
a correction, and then go on to refine the point, so that there
aren’t any misunderstandings.”

First and foremost, I have subsequently checked, and
discovered that yes, PCWeek dropped the ball by omitting the
crucial RPM patch (among others), and that it was intentional. For
that bit of unintentional error, I truly apologize.

“My misinformed assertion came from a huge flood of excuses and
misleading statements from PCWeek, which tended to create a cloud
of confusion. Anyone who has seen something go seriously wrong at
work knows exactly how this cloud is created, and why…it usually
involves something better known as the Emergency CIA maneuver.
(This is not to be confused with the “FU” phenomenon, since FU is a
deliberate tactic, planned well in advance, to meet a specific
goal. Emergency CIA on the other hand is a survival tactic commonly
employed by those who screw up and immediately feel the need to
rescue their credibility from the proverbial toilet.) “


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