osOpinion: Linux/Be on a nonproprietary console

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“The play station is in many respects the convergence box many
predicted would occur between many multimedia formats. We have a
single system that can connect to the Internet, play dvd and cd
formats and advance 3d games. Possible extensions may include
computer like functions like word processing and spreadsheet.”

“Imagine for a moment, an OS vendor such as Linux and/or Be
OS introducing a console that could compete with the Playstation 2
and Dreamcast in hardware specification and price, but is
More specifically, they offer a reference
platform. Clearly, a nonproprietary architecture may give other
companies, such as NEC and Samsung and Panasonic and Goldstar a
chance to compete on a level playing field.”

“I think a modified Linux OS or the Be OS could suit the bill,
although each involves trade-offs. Linux is free, and has descent
3D open GL support. Additionally, it is widely distributed on PCs.
Developing for the platform may allow for adoption to PCs to be
straightforward and simple. Be is very easy to use as well as being
fast and flexible. However, it may cost significantly to