osOpinion: Loving the Command Line

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“When people talk about what they don’t like about Linux, very
high on the list is the command line. It’s outdated, the argument
grows: archaic and difficult to learn, quite unlike the
point-and-click interface in Windows.”

“I disagree.”

I will concede the command line is difficult to learn. But
so is driving
–at least, learning to drive so you do not put
yourself and others into mortal danger every tine you head out on
the highway. But vast numbers of people have mastered driving, and
everyone is much the better off for it.’

“So it is the command line. The WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mice, and
Pull-down menus) interface supplied by Windows, KDE, BeOS, and the
like are friendly, easy to use, and can make using the computer
simpler. However, this simplicity comes at a price: a lack of

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