osOpinion: Microsoft Remedies

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

After Judge Jackson issued his findings of fact, I was
amused to hear the MS spokesdrones crying, “Microsoft must be
allowed to innovate!” They mean, “Only Microsoft should be allowed
to innovate!”–Remembering that they mean, “compete” when they say,
And every pundit has come out of the woodwork to
offer his solution to the problem of Microsoft, so here’s my $0.02

“Most of the sanctions against Microsoft will be
business-related, not software-related. If you can believe Parish
(see www.billparish.com) Microsoft is engaging in the biggest
financial fraud in history, and the SEC also wants to see MS’s
activities controlled. MS should be prohibited from issuing stock
at will, from giving stock options to the Microserfs, and from
buying any more corporations for five years.”

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