osOpinion: Microsoft’s Gamble of a Lifetime [Next Generation Windows Services]

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“The Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) hatched by the crew
in Redmond promises to deliver all Windows services to a browser
near you. In fact, in the long run, you likely won’t be able to buy
Microsoft products in stores at all. Everything will be available

“So where’s the risk? If Microsoft is indeed broken up as
requested, collaboration between Office, Browser and OS teams could
be severely compromised.
It’s no secret that sharing of
information between teams has helped Microsoft achieve the position
it enjoys today. Sever the ties between these teams and a divided
Microsoft will face the same headaches that, say, Corel faces when
trying to develop Office software. Microsoft products simply run
best with other Microsoft products because of the close
collaboration between teams.”

“And you have to wonder what the DOJ would think of Microsoft
tying their products even more tightly together. Would they have to
share information regarding NGWS specifications with Corel to
ensure that Corel products can be delivered in a similar fashion
over NT networks?”

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