osOpinion: Mozilla, AOL, What’s going on here?

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Before you read this and think I shouldn’t be allowed to use a
keyboard you should know that I like Mozilla. I like the standards
compliance. I like the customizable interface, I use it, and I plan
to continue using it.”

“Raise your hand if you dislike the AOL service. It is a little
blurry from where I sit on the Internet but from here it looks like
most of you raised your hands. Besides only being able to use AOL
with their service, what is AOL’s feature set? Let’s see: mail and
newsgroups, integrated chat, they have something to make web pages
with, favorite places, you can use ftp and, oh yeah, you can surf
the web. All of that in one easy to use, colorful interface.”

“…I sort of wonder where AOL/Netscape is going with
Mozilla? Will Mozilla be put on so many CD-ROMs that they become
annoying like AOL 5.0 is?
I know the preview release is a
preview, but from what little previewing I’ve done it seems to
use about the same amount of resources as AOL 5.0. Will Mozilla
replace AOL and has AOL found a way to cut development

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