osOpinion: Red Eye Linux

“I use Unix at work, mainly admin stuff, nothing ever really
technical. I had started to think I better improve my Unix
knowledge. I got a copy of slackware a year or so ago but never got
into it more than installing it. Just before Xmas I bought a copy
of Redhat 5.1. Wow! did it ever start eating all my spare time. I
can’t get away from it. My wife is calling it a natural

Redhat has made things a bit easier to install and it
pre-installs more of the stuff I want to use e.g. Samba, GNOME,
Netscape etc. It has a package manager that makes installing
binaries a whole heap easier. This enabled me to get up to a more
workable system faster and start getting my teeth into the more
technical things.”

“I am now a bona fide Linux lurker, everyday I visit Slashdot,
Freshmeat, and Linux today to ensure I don’t miss something
important about Linux. “

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