osOpinion: Rumor Mill [on Bynari]

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“We at osOpinion hear Bynari has a new CEO coming on board.
According to some reliable sources, apparently Tom Adelstein was
really only the acting CEO rather than that of a permanent one
until apparently Scott Crist of Crist Ventures and Bynaris Chairman
found his candidate. Bynari’s former CEO was Wayne Burnside, who
was ousted in May.”

“Adelstein has taken considerable criticism for being a slasher
having tuned over his organization twice in the last six months.
Evidently, he has no qualms about walking people out of the

“From what we hear, the new CEO is a different type of manager.
He supposedly pulled off a Linux IPO last fall, started and ran the
AIX project at IBM in the 1980’s and was Mike Dell’s right hand in
the early 1990’s when they began capturing market share. But who is
he? No one seems to really know or at least no one is telling

Another theory being put forth about Bynari is that they
will announce either a merger or a sale.
Speculation has it
that they were a SCO acqusition target until the Caldera merger.
Several osOpinion commentators recommended earlier in the year that
Red Hat or Caldera should buy Bynari. One can only wonder if this
is still in the works?”

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