osOpinion: The suits don’t yet get it

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“…the reason that Penguinistas mock Windows is because
it’s not the epitome of innovation and is certainly not the best
there is. Windows is just a copy of a copy.
First, Windows
success was neither forseeable or inexorable. By all accounts, OS/2
and MACos should have been the success story. History took a
different path when MS betrayed IBM by working on Windows, even
though the latter rejected it as unsuitable, and IBM’s boneheaded
marketing strategy. Apple didn’t succeed because it didn’t open its
hardware base in time…”

“…there’s more uniformity among the various LINUX
distributions than say between Win9x, NT and Win CE…hasn’t
grasped the signifigance of collaborative competition: The
distributions try to entice the potential users with bonus goodies
not found in the others. However, these same distributions ensure
that they all have the latest kernel and common Open source
software like Apache, KDE/GNOME, PPP and the like.”

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