osOpinion: The white paper and LINUX: Bootlicking lapdogism

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

Bootlicking lapdogism is a recently discovered disease that
primarily afflicts the pro- Microsoft computer press and trend
analysts. The cure for this affliction is a different kind of
licking of the boot at a diametrically opposed direction.

“Indeed, the Aurora Development Group is a case study of
bootlicking lapdogism. Its study is Microsoft sales literature
disguised as a white paper about LINUX. Consequently, this opinion
piece is a polemic that makes Paul Ferris’ rants seem a mild
chastisement in comparison. It’s also a serious call to action by
Alternative Software participants to expose the disinformation
that’s being diffused through various media.”

“Towards the end of the first page, the white paper begins its
attack in earnest….”

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