osOpinion: WebPads and Desktops and Be. Oh my!

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Amidst an environment of confusion and baseless speculation, I
feel the need to comment about the recent actions of Be, Inc. The
redirection of focus, the future of the OS, and some

“We’ve all been watching quite closely what has transpired in
the last few days. The shift from the desktop market, the
announcement that the next version of Be will be a free download,
the baseless hysteria of a hoard of be users, the fear and
uncertainty. The question of importance that seems to escape many
of us is, “Why should we believe that Be is going to drop us?” The
answer seems quite obvious on this end: we shouldn’t.”

BeOS has finally reached a point where it is nearly
marketable to the general population. Application support is slowly
building, the first company to promise BeOS support out of the box
has arrived, and a new release is coming. Once hardware OpenGL
support is added, there would be very little to keep the community
away from the OS.