osOpinion: Where’s The Creativity?

Thanks to Kelly
for this link.

“With all the talent that you see gathering around Linux, you’d
think that it would be the ultimate think tank for innovative
ideas. Well, I beg to differ…. At least to a point. For all the
talent that the Linux community possesses, we still seem to rely on
others to come up with the ideas, we (the Linux community) then
tend to copy them, and implement them correctly (if they weren’t in
the first place). Where are all of the innovative ideas coming from
within the Linux community?”

“You can start by looking at the very idea of Linux itself. It
wasn’t exactly an original one. Linux was based on the ideas set
forth by Unix. Many of the core apps are clones or work-alikes of
the standard Unix tools in some way or another. But I’m less
concerned with that, than I am with the lack of originality in the
various window managers for Linux. Very few of them are based on
original ideas. Window Maker is meant to emulate the look of
NeXTStep, and is a very good example of this…”

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