osOpinion: While you were looking the other way

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Now, one of the resolutions I’ve made for the new millennium
was to ignore FUD and provocation from the Redmond gang. It can be
safely ignored now as their credibility is close to zero now after
talking out of both sides of their mouth. Those of you who have
read my past editorial submissions know that it’s the coincidences
in seemingly unrelated news that sets me off. I see another set
that caught my attention and I thought I’d give you some food for

While everyone has been preoccupied with the MS virus of
the week and pending doom due to Y2K issues, there were some vital
issues that have seemed to slip through the cracks and out of the
collective consciousness. It clicked when I was reading about
Microsoft putting up pages on how to remove Linux and the LILO
Besides the utter nonsense they spout about file
incompatibility and partition types, I wondered why they would be
telling us all this then giving lip service to Linux. Several
threads converged again and I’m off.”