osOpinion: Why more people don’t use Linux

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“Generally speaking, I would have to say I agree wholeheartedly
with the Open Source doctrine and I genuinely wish more companies
would adopt it. The one itty bitty tiny little thing that keeps
open source from becoming the dominant standard on this planet is
this: boredom.

“Now I’m sure a lot of you Linux zealots are scratching your
head and trying to figure out where my e-mail address is so you can
flame me, but before you do, let me explain. My wife had heard me
talking about Linux and I have been reading LinuxToday.com
faithfully for over a year, so she thought it would be a good idea
to buy me a copy for Christmas. I had a few distros on CD-ROM and I
had played around with Linux a little, but I never had a
full-fledged copy of my own. It just so happens that the copy my
wife bought me came with a stripped down Partition Magic. So first
thing on Christmas morning I went off to repartition my HD and
install my new OS….”

“I am a basic user when it comes to my home machine. I don’t
play games a whole lot (less than an hour a month or so), but I do
spend a lot of time surfing the net and doing our church’s
bulletin. Now I know that Netscape doesn’t support Frames, Active X
controls and 99% of the plug-ins available out there, so that was
no surprise. What did surprise me is when I downloaded a word
processor to help me with the aforementioned chore. I was shocked
and amazed (exaggeration used for emphasis)! Half of the menu
options came up with a nice little request asking me to implement
the feature if I really wanted it.”

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