osOpinion: Why The US Government Must Support Open Source

“I believe that government must act because it’s the only
institution with more clout than the megacorporations.

Right-wing extremists should be more concerned about them than
about the United Nations.”

“The Internet would not have come this far if its standards had
not been open from the beginning. If any one company is allowed to
dictate the standards for the Internet, it can block organizations
or individuals from access to the ‘Net.”

“Extensive use of Open Source will dilute the installed base of
commercial software, reducing the power of monopolies in the IT
industry and discouraging the development of new ones.”

“Deploying Linux, Hurd and *BSD in Federal agencies would reduce
deployment costs because they do not require licenses… They would
reduce software development costs because they run on many
different processors, and they have free compilers/interpreters for
many different languages. They would reduce maintenance costs
because you don’t need frequent distributions of anti-virus

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