OSOpinion:The Straw Man behind the Straw Poll

“I started this as a response to a news article published by
ComputerWorld Australia. This can be found at: Linux hype misses
mark with IT managers”

“The letter was sent off, but a few niggling thoughts remained
about the increase of what I would describe as slightly hazy,
non-rigorous reportage and un-checked, un-verifiable opinion
pieces, often by Linux critics with little obvious knowledge of the
platform or accompanying ethos…”

“So what does the preponderance of this type of article tell us?
In short, that the detractors are often clutching at straws, and
that there are less and less issues of substance which can be
invoked against Linux and Open Source. We can be comfortable (but
not smug) in the knowledge that if this is the best that the
competitors of the platform can muster, by way of obfuscation or
FUD, we are slowly but surely pulling ahead. Let’s keep at this in
a steady, reasoned and confident manner.”