OUYA $99 Open Source Gaming Console Blows Up on Kickstarter By Saying ‘Hack Me, Please!’

This scenario also sets the stage for the Firefox Mobile OS and other open-source, HTML5 based phones. Consumer products that are built form the ground up to be hacked by users will create a kind of parallel universe to the big tech companies and spur innovation. Significantly, customizations that may seem like geeky hobbies in the U.S., are absolute necessities in many parts of the world.

Under the heading, “Hackers welcome,” OUYA invites the jailbreakers in, “Have at it: It’s easy to root (and rooting won’t void your warranty). Everything opens with standard screws. Hardware hackers can create their own peripherals, and connect via USB or Bluetooth. You want our hardware design? Let us know. We might just give it to you. Surprise us!” Right up front, they have de-criminalized hardware hacking.