Paper: The e-smith server and gateway: coherent modularity

[ Thanks to Ross
for this link. ]

“Many other Internet server and gateway systems currently
available require the use of specialised hardware, either in the
form of a vendor-supplied special-purpose box (as in the Cobalt
Qube) or by limiting the range of supported hardware. Similarly,
some systems provide for only a limited range of Internet
connection types, network services, etc.”

“… The overall design of the e-smith server and gateway can be
described in two words as “coherent modularity”. The system is
designed to allow the installation of add-on/contrib packages via
RPM. However, these packages all appear in a consistent manner
in the e-smith manager, by providing a “panel” (effectively a web
page (or set of web pages) embedded within the framed interface) as
part of the package. These panels maintain a consistent style, and
appear to the user as a coherent whole.


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