PBS: How Microsoft Plans to Drive Linus Torvalds Insane by Introducing MS-Linux

Thanks to TedC for this

“I have been pondering this a lot, looking for spiritual
guidance, and conclude (purely on the basis of thought, mind you,
since I have no inside knowledge) that we will soon see

“It is the perfect product for Microsoft. It costs them nothing
to produce, since it is already done and freely available. People
are already paying little companies like Red Hat and Caldera, so
they’d surely pay Microsoft for the same code. People already love
the Linux platform. Microsoft could actually add value through
device drivers, a better installation program, even a Windows 9X
graphical user interface. With these improvements, don’t expect
MS-Linux to be price competitive with Redhat or Caldera: Microsoft
will make it cost exactly as much as a Windows 98 upgrade.”


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