PC Plus for February will include StarOffice on CD

PC Plus: Fantastic news for Linux users

As many Linux users know, PC Plus has been growing its Linux coverage over
recent months based on reader feedback. The January issue on sale in UK
newsagents now has the final part of our Linux tutorial (though a regular
Linux Workshop starts in February), with an additional tutorial posted on
our website at http://www.pcplus.co.uk. The reviews of products and
inclusion of software on the SuperCD continues too with 130Mb of material
for Linux users.

The really exciting news is that after months of negotiation we can now
reveal that PC Plus has secured the exclusive rights to include StarDivision's
StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edition for Linux on the SuperCD. As many of you
know, StarOffice 5.0 is a fully featured office suite available on multiple
operating systems. Including its own desktop environment, the suite
comprises StarWriter, a complete word processor with Office 97
compatibility, StarCalc, a spreadsheet with excellent features like
Detectives, StarDraw, a revamped drawing package, StarImpress, a
presentation package, and StarBase, the database. There's more to it though
including StarSchedule, a PIM and mail and news clients. All the programs in
the suite are Internet ready for automatic recognition of HTML tags. What^Òs
most amazing about the suite perhaps is that it is completely free for
personal use. When you've installed the version from the SuperCD, you have
to register for free, but the suite is completely unrestricted.

The February issue of PC Plus is the only magazine that will have this
version. No other magazine can offer this suite nor will we be able to
repeat the software. This is the reason that we are pre-announcing the issue
now in order to give you the time to place an order for the issue with your
newsagent. We are not divulging the other contents of the magazine or
SuperCD yet, but suffice it to say that with 3 SuperCDs full of complete
software (different programs for Windows and Linux users) and other
essential Linux software on the CD, we are expecting this issue to sell
fast. We will post full details of the extensive Linux coverage in the issue
and the other software on the SuperCDs on the day it goes on sale, but for
now the big news is that StarOffice is coming your way soon. Save yourself
that 83Mb download and order your copy of the February issue of PC Plus
today. The issue goes on sale in UK newsagents on Christmas Eve, 24th
December 1998.

You couldn't get a better Christmas present for yourself!