Penguin goes hybrid with ClusterWare

“Penguin Computing, the makers of workstations and clusters
aimed at HPC shops, also peddles various cluster management tools
under the Scyld brand. Up until now, the Scyld ClusterWare cluster
management tools have been wedded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and
its CentOS clones, but with the latest update to ClusterWare,
Penguin Computing is going hybrid. Now, the node provisioning and
management tool can spit put Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
onto Linux nodes.

“And, says Tom Coull, general manager of software and services
at Penguin Computing, there is nothing preventing the new Scyld
ClusterWare Hybrid edition from mixing and managing RHEL, CentOS,
and SLES releases with any Linux Standards Base-compliant Linux.
And – gasp! – because the hybrid extensions are truly agnostic
concerning the operating system, there is no reason that it cannot,
in theory, be used to spin up images of Microsoft’s Windows HPC
Server 2008 onto cluster nodes. Or, the current Solaris 10, the
future Solaris 11, or Enterprise Linux, from Oracle, for that

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